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Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends You Need to Know in 2020

To thrive and survive in today’s highly competitive online market, it is becoming essential to adapt to the rapid changes evolving in digital marketing. We are undergoing a crucial time where technology is moving at a fast pace. 

5 Digital Marketing Trends to Follow in 2020 for Ensuring Success of Your Brand

It is becoming a big challenge for marketers to stick their heads to old methods and carry on with further guesses. To keep pace with evolving changes, below are the top five digital marketing trends that will help them manifold in 2020.

1. Going with voice search strategy – 

The continuous rise of verbal interaction with devices is highly appreciable. Interacting with machines is making users easy to carry on with their searching followed by discovering things. 

There is no more need to depend on text-based searching procedures. Voice search strategy is all about creating a highly unique and optimized customer experience. Also, it will help in building the overall loyalty of the brand and fostering relationships. 

Additional benefits of the voice search strategy include the following:


·         Jump in the number of traffic towards the website

·         Enhancing the visibility of the brand

·         Directing more number of users towards your store

·         Enhancing customer engagement to a high extent

·         High rise in conversion along with sales


2.      Marketing through messaging apps –

Marketing through instant messaging apps including Messenger and WhatsApp will generate a high engagement rate than organic posts. Businesses belonging to almost all industries are taking a significant interest in these apps to flourish their presence further. 


Through short and personalized texts, it will become easy for companies to reach a broad range of audiences. Company websites inclusive of live chat options are preferable over others. 


By the end of 2020, it is expected that marketing through personalized messages along with videos and interactive content will help in engaging a large number of users. 


3.      A limited number of users of hyper-relevant ads –

Most enterprises make usage of digital ads for marketing their products and services. But popping up of online ads tend to irritate many users. 


As a result, companies coming out with such ads conclude by having a lower number of buyers. But, great content is appreciable to all. Rather than sending tailored messages and popping up hyper-relevant ads universally, it is better to send those messages to the targeted audience only. 


It is hoped that such a great step will help in increasing sales followed by increasing ROI at the best. 

4.      Online reviews from verified sources –

Reviews will help in building and demolishing the overall grace of the brand. In short, based on the ones posted you will be able to attract new customers. 


Inviting reviews from truly verified sources will help in making your business stand out from the competition. Also, they will help in building trust among users along with reflecting a good impression of your brand. 


Reviews from Google The business will help you manifold. Along with it, Google Business listing and Facebook are other excellent sources of receiving genuine reviews online. You may utilize them for building the testimonials page for your website. Providing a link of Google Business listing to your customers will let them pen their heartfelt reviews. 

5. Sentiment analysis –

Sentiment analysis is all about the practice of analyzing the reaction of users and customers on a particular product or service. Using emojis in this regard will help you to make out the overall impression that is revolving in the minds of users.

Usually, sentiment analysis is inclusive of tools and algorithms responsible for the collection of data. It will help in evaluating and scouring the response of your brand. Based on the emoji received from the user side, you will be able to guess the overall status of your brand in the competitive market.

You will make it out what people think about your brand. Based on the information gathered, it will become easy to implement the latest strategies for sales, marketing, content, and social media marketing.


Final Thoughts!

As a conclusion, it is hoped that the above mentioned top trends in digital marketing will assist your brand to be taken ahead in 2020.



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